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  • ► Hire the models $2000
  • ► Rent the studio $1000
  • ► Hire photographer $1000
  • ► Edit the photos $1500
  • ► Your time and effort $PRICELESS
  • ► TOTAL VALUE $5500+
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    Developer Rights
    $97 Per Month BEST VALUE
    One Time Fee, Save $97 Per Month (Strictly Limited)
    Over 1700 Professionally Photographed Images of People with the Background Removed
    Use for You and Your CLIENT'S Courses, Websites, Documents and More
    Increase the Production Value of You and Your CLIENT'S Next Project
    Never Pay Royalties on Your Project Collateral Again
    Entire Green Screen Image Library + PSDs
    Use The Launch Discount Code: LAUNCHME
    Total Value $5500+
    Green Screen People Images - Developer

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